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At our company, you will become part of a skilled, energetic, and friendly team, gain experience, and spend your working hours happily and productively. 
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND REWARDS: Compensations and benefit
INSURANCE - From the first day of employment, employees are fully covered by pension insurance, benefits insurance and, health insurance according to the law. 
SAVINGS - Employees can deposit a certain amount from their salary each month to their savings. 
FAVORABLE WORKING CONDITION -  Our company provides our employees with a safe, comfortable working space and with the latest technological equipment that will be needed for better productivity. 
BENEFIT -  All employees are provided with healthy delicious lunch for free. Cell phone Benefit /vary depending on the position/
REWARD - Successful employees are rewarded each year. 
MORTGAGE BASED ON SALARY - The employee is able to receive a mortgage from the associated bank for financial needs.